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Net game

You can play Arithmogriph over a network against other human opponents. Each player in a network game has to solve the same puzzle (otherwise it wouldn’t be fair).

Starting a network game

Click the Network game button to start a new net game. A dialog box will open in which you can enter your start options:

Here you can enter your player name. You can also choose to either host or join a network game. To join a network game you must enter the IP-address of the player who is hosting the game. After you have finished entering your information, click the OK button.

Arithmogriph will enter a waiting mode until all players have joined the network. In the Options frame the player hosting the game can define both the playtime and the penalty points. Penalty points are points that are subtracted if a player quits or doesn’t finish the game in time. In the bottom area of the window you can send and receive messages. The person hosting the game is the only one who can kick a player from the game. This is done by selecting the player and clicking the Kick selected player button. Once all the players appear in the Player window, the host player starts the game by pressing the Start net game button.

As soon as the game has started, the same puzzle will appear on each player's screen:

Unlike the single player game, the network game features an overview of the running network game. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the run time, the remaining time to solve the puzzle, and your current score. There is also a list of all players and their current status. If you want to give up playing the game, click the Give up button. When you have solved the puzzle or given up the game, you can quit the network game by clicking the Exit net game button. Keep in mind that if you exit the game before the other players finish you won’t see the final results. As soon as every player has finished the game, you will see the results:

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